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Monday, May 5, 2014

Up in the Air

Hi all you dear readers:
I know...I know...I know...It's been awhile since my last blog post. I actually wrote a post a few days ago but didn't publish it because Tom advised me not to. He thinks I share too much. HAHAHAHAHA. Isn't that the purpose of blogging? But, I deferred to his judgment and didn't post it even though I liked it. So here I am with a different rambling.
I am happy to announce that I haven't felt down or depressed or bummed in more than a week. As a matter of fact, I've been sort of FLYING HIGH this past week. One of the reasons for this burst of contentment is because I turned in my notice at my little job that was seriously crushing my spirit every time I had to be there.
The older we get, the more we absolutely know that we have to follow our hearts and trust our intuition. As I stated in this blog before, I followed my heart all the way to Texas last year and experienced total and complete devastation, but I have no regrets. How can you regret following your heart? Even if everything goes spectacularly wrong, at least you will never spend a single moment of your life wondering what might have been...because you know.
So....last weekend I followed my heart to Denver. It was a whirlwind 24 hours and I'm so glad I took the risk to go there to investigate the possibility of making a secret dream I've had for most of my life come true. I actually felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz upon learning that she had the power to go back to Kansas within her grasp (the whole time!) just by clicking her heels together three times and saying 'there's no place like home.' In her defense, how the heck was she supposed to know that on her own? Who knows why it takes some dreams longer than others to come to fruition? Only the universe knows.
So...I am going to return to Denver in two weeks to learn something fascinating. Some of my friends already know about my upcoming adventure and I want to go into detail but my advisor (Tom) says I should wait a bit. He didn't tell me I couldn't drop hints though. Teehee! I will be in DEN for three weeks. It's a kind of  boot camp and when I graduate I will be in uniform and ready to FLY. Have you figured it out yet? We all need to spread our WINGS, though some of us are late bloomers in terms of finding our true calling. I am excited and anxious to get there and get started in my new life. And, of course, I will go into more detail after I get through boot camp and get my orders to my new duty station (or base camp...whatever you want to call it).
I am giving true meaning to the title of this blog: Somewhere Else. Oh, is aptly named. My vagabond life will start much sooner than I'd planned and my mode of transport won't be a Jeep. Look out world! Here I come!
And now...for some updates:
My memoir: "This is Not a Fairy Tale: How I Found Love Playing Words with Friends and Almost Lost  My Mind" will be published later this year by Amazon's Createspace. I can't wait to get it out into the world. This story needs to be told and it's bittersweet for me to be the one telling it. But I'm just as proud of it as the other six books I have out in the world. It's my first non-fiction, but not necessarily my last, though I will always prefer make-believe to reality any day.
A shout-out to my kids for making their own dreams come true. Kayla is going to be an amazing nurse. She is very brave. And who knew playing video games could be an actual job? Go get 'em, Jorgs! As for Tom...he is a chameleon. For all I know he already works for the government and is  just pretending to be a high school student.
A word about friendship. I found out these past months who my true friends are. My true friends stood by me through my fairy tale and nightmare. They offered to come get me out of Texas. They didn't lose touch with me even when I cut myself off from the world. They were steadfast. They are still in my life. Unfortunately, a few friends bailed on me. It's one thing to be a friend when things are great and everyone's life is on track. But fairweather friends are not true friends. True friends stick with you through the storms and help you pick up the pieces after a tornado has torn your world apart. My friendship does not come with an on/off switch. I'm sad to have lost a few, one in particular. I reached out to her but she has chosen not to renew. I wish her well and hope she's happy. As for me: Onward and UPWARD!
Until next time,
(DH are my initials in my new adventure. I never got around to changing my name and now I am Danna Hernandez UP THERE!) But I"m still Kellie (Tayer) Hernandez down here!