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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Come Fly with Me!

I'm baaaaaack! Yep, Kellie, the elusive blogger has turned up to post some ramblings. So here we go!
Since you last heard from me nearly two months ago, I completed Flight Attendant training with Frontier Airlines in Denver. It was seriously one of the hardest experiences I've ever had. It was a month of learning all about the inner-workings of life on airplanes. During the four weeks of training I crammed more information into my head than I'd ever have thought there was room for. I learned all about FAA regulations, flight management, pre-flighting, security, first aid, firefighting, emergency landing in water, aircraft evacuation, aircraft components, survival in various types of terrain and how to ice the beer!! hahaha!!! I put out a fire, jumped down the emergency slide (scariest. thing. ever.), passed my aircraft evacuation drill (second. scariest.. thing. ever.) and demonstrated that I could save a life with CPR/first aid skills. I also managed to get myself onto the raft twice (once walking on it and once climbing into it--both difficult but I did it!), while wearing my life vest, which when I pulled the tab to inflate it, it scared the living daylights out of me. I also learned the procedure for opening and closing the aircraft doors which is probably scarier than the slide and evacuation drills. I have a healthy and wary respect for aircraft doors. I will always be a little bit afraid of them and that is as it should be. I also watched a lot of plane crash videos which I am kinda obsessed with--weird, I know.
I am now in Trenton, New Jersey, where I will be based. I just got my schedule for the month of July and it is packed with flights mostly to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Tampa and Charlotte. It's gonna be interesting. Frontier flies Airbuses (319s and 320s). I really like them. I have a fondness for the overwing exits (I just hope I never have to go out one!).
I hope all you travelers out there will book a flight on Frontier in or out of Trenton and see me in action. You can make fun of me during the safety demonstration (my favorite part is waving my arms around at the exits) and drive me nuts pushing the call button.
I am still a writer. I always will be. My memoir will be out by year's end with a slightly altered title: "This is Not a Fairy Tale: How I Found Love On-line and Almost Lost My Mind." And once I get my routine down pat, I have two books to write in my Crescent series. The first book is finished but the other two are awaiting my attention.
An update on my ex: Oscar found a woman online about two months after our divorce was final. He married her almost immediately. She is a middle-aged, divorcee with a teen-age son. She kinda looks like me only with blondish-hair. It's shameful really...another victim. I tried to warn her but it was too late. Though I am over Oscar, I will always love elduck123, his alter ego. I guess fantasy is better than reality.
So, anywhooooo, I have re-invented myself yet again. I'll be living in a crashpad with three other flight attendants so that should be interesting. And who knows, maybe Mr. Right will turn up on one of my flights one day and ask for a cup of coffee. I'll keep my eye open but I won't hold my breath. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (hysterical laughter)!!!! Until next time,
Kellie (yes, I am Kellie again--still Hernandez but whateverrrrrrrr)