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Friday, July 18, 2014

The elusive blogger has returned. I shouldn't really call myself a blogger since I don't blog enough to deserve the title. But anyway...
I have now been a flight attendant for a month and I have to's really fun. Actually, it doesn't seem like a job...but rather more like just flitting about the country on airplanes every day with the occasional day off. Of course, that's because most of the flights have been what's called 'good day' flights meaning that nothing major has gone wrong...except for puking passengers (all of whom have been young men in their 20s), a flood when a water line broke in the rear galley and one massively long tarmac delay. Naturally, I want all flights to be good day flights because if they're not then that's when the job gets real--and nobody wants that (if you know what I mean)...especially in light of the terrible tragedy with the Malaysian airliner shot down over the Ukraine. That was the ultimate bad day flight. So heart-breaking.
Every time I buckle up in my jumpseat, I do wonder for just a moment about the what-ifs. But I don't let the thoughts linger for long. I love to fly too much to ever let fear get the best of me. I've always been fascinated by the sky--the clouds, the stars and especially the moon. Seeing it from the air is nothing short of magnificent, especially the crescent moon and the full moon. I love the sky.
I also love the passengers. My favorite thing to do with the passengers is defuse potential problems. All it takes is a calm, patient, kind voice and most problematic passengers calm down and relax. Frequent flyers are starting to recognize me and they're always pleased that I remember their names (I don't always remember their names but some are so memorable, it can't be helped, like Mr. Kelly who says if I marry him my name will be Kellie Kelly which he thinks would be hilarious. Not sure if his wife agrees).
I should update you on my writing projects. My memoir is still on track to be published sometime in late fall. It's title is: "This is Not a Fairy Tale: How I Found Love on Online and Almost Lost My Mind." It's the story of my Oscar I fell head over heels in love with a mysterious entity who called himself elduck123, married him and moved to Texas to start a new life only to learn that elduck123 was not real. The man I married turned out to be a gaslighter who nearly caused me to lose my mind and my sense of self. And he has since married his next victim. So sad. I hope you all will read my book and perhaps learn from my mistakes. That being said, I have no regrets because I did follow my heart and that matters to me. So anyway...
I am planning to write a romantic comedy called "Love on the Line" about the love lives of four flight attendants who share a crash pad. It's going to be hilarious because I have a wealth of inspiration from which to draw upon all around me. I can't wait to get it started.
I shall close here and get ready for bed. I have to fly tomorrow--to Cleveland--my hometown! But alas, it's just a turn so I won't be able to get off the plane. I'll just wave out the window. Maybe Lebron will wave back. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm actually glad he's back.
I shall return one of these random days with more ramblings. Toodles for now.
Until next time,