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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I See the Signs

My first blog as Kellie Hernandez. I love my new name...and my new family. Oscar's kids welcomed me warmly and made me feel right at home. But I have to tell you about my arrival at the Texarkana airport. It was quite something.
The Texarkana airport is very small--only one gate! I entered the terminal and went straight to the restroom to freshen up. Unbeknownst to me, Oscar and his family (and everyone else paying attention) saw me enter the restroom. I only hope they didn't see me exit, pulling my suitcase along the floor wheels side up! I gave the TSA agent a chuckle at that slick maneuver. I walked into a spectacle...people standing around...watching...waiting...because...
Oscar had planned a little surprise. Suddenly I saw signs--literally. Signs reading KELLIE...WILL YOU...MARRY ME? I realized his kids were the ones holding the signs. At first I didn't see his daughter-in-law with the camera, taking photos. Then Oscar emerged with a bouquet of roses in my favorite color--purple. He gave me a hug, then dropped on bended knee, and with jewelry box in hand, he proposed (officially). Naturally I said yes. And then I heard the onlookers' reaction of approval. It was something else...but then again...Oscar is something else.
We married the next day in Arkansas. I wore a cream-colored, knee-length Ralph Lauren dress and Oscar wore a suit. As soon as the vows were spoken and the first kiss as husband and wife was complete (sorry, kids...that was probably awkward! hahaha!!!), we changed back into comfy clothes and went to lunch. We had fun and I felt a sense of belonging instantly. Needless to say, my first 24 hours in Texas were a blur.
I'm back in Ohio now, away from my husband for the next week and the separation sucks. But Tom-Tom isn't finished with school yet. As soon as he finishes, we'll be in Texas permanently. Once I get settled there my blog is going to change. I want to chronicle my new life--going from city girl to country girl--and take you all along with me as Tom and I adapt and embrace Texas and our new home. It's bound to be dramatic...and funny...and random...because no matter where I go or what I do...random always seems to find me. Until next time!

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