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Friday, July 5, 2013


Thought I should blog a little in the other blog.
     It's Friday morning and there's not a cloud in the sky. It's eerily quiet--even the frogs and birds are silent. When I awakened at 6:30, I glanced out the bedroom window and saw the early morning mist hovering over the land. It was surreal. What made it even more mystical was the sight of the neighbor's black angus cows standing in the field near the fence--close enough to the house that I could make out their mouths chewing grass and their tails swishing gently. They looked huge and hulking in the mist--their dark forms like shadows in the dawning light. It was quite a beautiful sight. I've gotten used to the cows--even befriended a few. When I walk along the fence, they like to charge at me, their hooves beating the earth in their haste to get as close to me as the fence will allow. I don't know if it's because they're happy to see me--maybe they like my company--or if they think I can save them from some unknown fate (Wendy's, anyone?). Or perhaps they're thinking I'd be a tasty treat (I have never considered what a cow would do to a human if given the chance other than stomp the daylights out of us, but, heck, if we can eat them, why can't they eat us?). In any case, I've developed a fondness for the creatures--especially the black ones. What I'm not crazy about are the nasty vultures that like to circle over the land--over the cows--waiting...watching...hoping for a chance to swoop in and feast on whatever they can sink their beaks and claws into--ugly buggers those vultures. They like to swing by over my head, too, when I'm out walking. I know they're waiting for me to croak so they can chow down, but quite frankly, I'd rather be eaten by the cows.
     Two or three times a month we have to go to Dallas for supplies (carpeting and flooring supplies). It's looking like we're heading there tomorrow. I'm excited for Tom to go this time. He loves big cities and tall buildings and Dallas is full of big stuff. The mall is MASSIVE. and so is IKEA. I'm sure we'll stop at IKEA for a look around--we usually do. Tom needs a wardrobe for his room and he'll finally be all set. He seems to be settling into his Texas life nicely. He was homesick at first--as I knew he would be--but now he loves it here. He spends a lot of time walking the land and tanning. We got Oscar a metal detector for Father's Day and as soon as I get batteries in the thing, Tom intends to walk the land and find treasures. Oscar has been teaching him some skills like how to tile a shower and he's been doing a great job, making up the pattern as he goes along. He's also painted a house in Texarkana and done some gardening here. I'm sure at some point he will learn to mow on a tractor, but I'm not ready for that yet! It thrills me to see how he is taking to helping us put the finishing touches on the house. He takes pride in his work and is psyched at the thought of animals coming to live with us--just wait till I get my own cow! I'm going to name her Trixie and hope she's a milk cow and not a cheeseburger cow.
I shall close here. Time to get a shower and get ready to head to Texarkana--also known as 'town.' Tom's got a package waiting to be picked up at the post office there. He'll probably sweet-talk me into taking him to Ashdown for some barbecue--either that or go to Slim Chickens, his new favorite fast food joint. So, we shall be off. Until next time.

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