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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bulls, Blues and Roses

The Dark Prince is officially out in the world! It's available via all channels (paperback, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Smashwords, Apple's iPads/phones and Kindle). Get your copy today! Laura's story shifts from her home in Rhode Island in The Gypsy Thief where she met Andrew Easton and Miguel Dos Santos and found that pesky golden talisman that changed her life so profoundly to England where meany author puts her through a lot of torment and hell. I don't want to give anything away but if  you read TGT, you must continue Laura's story as it leads to book three (and my personal favorite of the three): The Shadow King. I am already preparing TSK for an early release because TDP was delayed for so long. I want these babies out in the world so I can concentrate on my Crescent saga and two other projects that I need to complete quickly.
All is well here on the Hernandez ranch though I will admit to experiencing a slight blue period recently. But a gorgeous bunch of white roses and encouraging words from elduck123 helped smooth over my blues. Into every life a little rain must fall...such is the nature of being human.
Last night the five of us (Oscar, Libby, Tom, Abe and I) played tennis. It was fun and I learned a few things about us: We're game to try anything; I'm pretty good at serving though there seemed to be a giant hole in my racquet when the ball would come my way (must get that racquet fixed); Abe should become a spokesman for Gatorade and my husband is a VERY good tennis player. As a matter of fact, I have noticed that Oscar is good at everything he does (some people are lucky like that). We will continue our tennis careers tomorrow night when we head back to the courts to play more (my racquet should be 'fixed' by then). And then our next venture will be family bowling night (I suspect Oscar will he good at that, too!).
I went for a walk at twilight night before last and had a spooky encounter with two large bulls. They were on either side of the road (on the other side of their respective fences--thank goodness!) and I was walking between them. Well...they were not happy to see me. They came up to their fences and mooed (or whatever that awful noise was coming out of their mouths) and snorted and pawed at the ground and really let me have it. I think one of them even breathed fire. I guess they thought I was a threat--dumb bulls. Don't they know I root for them in bullfights? Seriously, dudes!!! I'm on your side! If not for barbed wire I would been have a kellie quesadilla on bull tortillas.
I shall close here and rotate the laundry then delve into the world of The Shadow King (you must stick with me and my Talisman Trilogy for the surprises and twists that are coming in book three). Until next time...

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