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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm the One!

Good evening:
It's a hot summer night in Ewing, New Jersey. Our air conditioning isn't working so the windows are open and it's steamy. I'm not complaining--I'll take heat over cold any day. I had the day off today and yesterday so I buckled down and got to work on writing projects. Here's an update on my writing life:
The cover for "This is Not a Fairy Tale: How I Found Love Online and Almost Lost My Mind" is being designed even as I type this. I cannot wait to see what my designer comes up with. I gave her my vision and I'm sure it'll be awesome. I'm hoping to roll the book out in November if not sooner. It's going through its final edit now before the formatting stage begins.
I have exciting news about my Young Adult novel "Crescent Summer." An agent read it and loved it and is interested in representing me for its publication. We are meeting via the Internet next week to discuss the details. Of course, this means I have to get cracking on writing the two other books in the trilogy. NO PRESSURE!!!! lololololololo (nervous laughter!). I will let you know how it goes after the meeting.
I am enjoying being a flight attendant. It's fun and exhausting and interesting and strange but it's the perfect job for me. I was born for it. I work on my books by day and fly in the evenings and at night and try to catch snatches of sleep here and there.
I'm going to Ohio next week for a few days to be with my daughter who needs some mom time and to be with Tom who was supposed to come see me but I decided to go there instead. Can't wait to see them.
I want to mention my roommates. I live with three fascinating women and two kittens. They're all accomplished, interesting people (not the kittens) who come from all over. Crystaldawn is a nurse from Seattle. She has red hair and a vibrant, bubbly personality. Cheryl is a blonde from Dallas who loves to cook. She's a real estate agent and continues to wheel and deal via her phone and computer in between flights. And Abiola is a Nigerian princess from Atlanta who is working on her PhD in something related to the healthcare field. We are an eclectic group but we get along great. The kitties are Jersey, a calico girl, and Jetway, a black and white boy. They're adorable and precocious. We needed kittens about us much as we needed more holes in our collective heads but nevertheless, we got 'em anyway.
So, I thought I'd try my hand at online dating. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I got lots of responses to my profile but I find reasons to shoot down every offer of coffee or dinner or walks. Bad spellers, bad dressers, too vain, too arrogant looking, too old, too young, too weird, too something. Crystaldawn says I'm gonna find fault with everyone no matter who they are or what they look like. I did have one moment when I thought I'd found someone I'd like to meet. I'd manipulated my phone's screen to get a better look at the details of the person's profile before I actually looked at the person's name or picture. I was excited because the person was a liberal Democrat, Sagittarius, worked in the avaiation industry, same age as me...perfect match! I adjusted the screen to see the person's photo and lo and behold? I was reading my own profile! OMG! I guess true love shall remain elusive and in the meantime I shall enjoy my own company as well as that of my fellow flight attendants, roomies and two cute kittens.
Until next time!

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