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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Forks, Here I Come! Tom and I are off to Forks, Washington, bright and early tomorrow morning. I've been embarrassing the poor child all over town telling people we're going to Twilight country to hunt for vampires and werewolves. He prefers that I say we're going to Seattle (which we are). It sounds more fun to say it my way! I even dyed my hair jet black and am wearing pale make-up so I can blend in with the vampires!!!!I look total goth but no worries,'s just a stage I'm going through like my 'Il Divo' stage a few years ago and my 'I Want to be an Olympic Ice Skater' stage a few years before that and my 'I Want to be a Flight Attendant' stage and my 'I Want to be a Nurse' stage (I was eight at the time). Other stages of my life have included--but are not limited to:
I Want to be a Russian Linguist (too hard)
I Want to Move to Maine (still seems like a nice concept)
I Want to be a Spanish Teacher (I still want this one)
I Want to be an English as Foreign Language Teacher (I still want this one, too)
I Want to be a Stock Car Racer (I was 12 at the time - too scary anyway)
I Want to be a Celebrated Chef (That's so last year)
I Want to be a Broadway Star ( Can't sing opera but, boy, if I could...sigh...)
I Want to be the One Who Solves the Jimmy Hoffa Case (It's only a matter of time)
I Want to be George Clooney's Second Ex-Wife (Cuz Hollywood marriages just don't last)
I Want to be the One Who Cures Tom Cruise of His Mental Illness So I Can Have My Tom Back (Because, deep in my heart, I still care...he just needs some of Brooke Shields' left-over meds)

I'm sure there are other things I've wanted to be over the years (I wanted to be a police officer for five minutes after I got out of the Marines but then I remembered why I was happy to be a civilian again and I got over that fast) but for now, all I want is to be a that's what I shall do...

Laters, baby!

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