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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go for it!

I am so anxious for The Gypsy Thief to be born--to come into the world. I started writing it in January of this year and six months later I had three books. I never intended to write a trilogy--it just happened that way. I'm ready to introduce this romantic story of a magical necklace, a prince, a gypsy and the girl they both love to readers. And that thought is compelling me to talk about something important in this post.
I used to be an entertainment snob. I wouldn't watch a movie or read a book if it took place before 1960 (the year of my birth) because I assumed it would be BORING. I have never cared for history or the past--too haunting most of the time. I also turned my nose up at science fiction, paranormal, explicit material, young adult (after I grew up) and basically, anything that wasn't contemporary romance or travel narrative.
My friend Dana encouraged me to check out Jane Austen books and movies and so I did. I trusted her judgment. And I loved it all (OK, maybe not Persuasion, but I tried!).
My friend Jessica turned me on to Twilight (vampires and werewolves?? You're kidding, right?) and young adult fiction. Now I am a werewolf girl and diehard Twilight fan (I went to Forks on vacation this summer...need I say more?). She talked me into reading The Hunger Games trilogy and the Fallen series and I in turn talked her into reading the Hush Hush series (which I never would have given a thought to if I didn't know Jessica). I talked her into reading my favorite book of the year so far, My Life Next Door--and it's a young adult novel. Jessica loved it, too. I read that book a couple of months ago and the characters are still with me. I'm sure they're still with Jessica, too.
I said all of the above to say this: Don't be a book snob! Read everything! And if the world is talking and buzzing about Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight and The Hunger Games and so much more, READ IT. Don't say..."Oh, no thanks, it's not my thing." You're making your world a very narrow and closed off space in which to dwell. Be engaged in what the world is reading and listening to and watching. Read erotica! Read non-fiction. Listen to a little country music and some alternative. If I hadn't given alternative music a chance I never would have discovered my favorite band in the world: Muse. See a movie you wouldn't normally see. You might be surprised. I went to see a random movie last week called The Cold Light of Day and boy, am I glad I did. I loved it!
So...maybe you're not a young adult anymore (technically, for legal purposes, I'm not) but that doesn't mean you can't read young adult novels. Go for it! Don't narrow your world. Don't be a snob. Jump on the bandwagon. Read Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty million people can't be wrong! read The Hunger Games. Read Gone Girl. Read Twilight. And, please, please, please...when it comes into the world in the next couple of weeks, read The Gypsy Thief. You'll thank me later.
Adios for now!

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