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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Birth of a Book

The Gypsy Thief is now alive and available for purchase. And I must say, the book business is not for the faint of  heart. I turned more gray this year than ever in past years. Thank goodness for Preference by L'Oreal (dark ash brown, thank you very much).
I find myself struggling to manage all of the details that go with the territory of a writer's life:
1. Publicizing a new book so the world will learn of its existence.
2. Hoping you can count on your friends and family to suppport you by buying your book and recommending it to their friends.
3. Knowing your book has two sequels, both completed, awaiting their turn for publication and not knowing for sure exactly when that will be.
4. Hearing voices in  your head of other novels wanting you to write them.
5. Trying not to stress and keep the faith that your baby will sell well enough so you catch the attention of an agent or a publisher so someone can represent you and your career, thereby taking off some of the pressure of all the promotion you have to do on your own.
6. Already working on chapter nine of your new series, the first of which is called Crescent Summer and wishing you could spend all your time in this new world you're creating and not have to worry about that stuff mentioned above in numbers 1-5.
Sometimes it feels like I'm walking uphill against the wind wearing cement shoes. It's a slow process and moves at a snail's pace but I have to keep plugging along and hoping The Gypsy Thief will be discovered by readers.
Please send some encouraging my words my way--I could use them!

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