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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yep...I need to blog again. It's been far too long!
Last night I had a book signing at the local library and it was so nice that people actually came! I sold a few books but mostly I bought them. I didn't want the library to have to return them to Amazon (that would look bad for me) so I bought the unsold copies. Now they are here with me in my my little sanctuary where I hide away and pretend to be someone else, somewhere else.
Do you ever worry about yourself? Do you ever think the following thoughts about yourself?:

Hmmm...wonder if I should get out more?

Wonder if I should be more social?

Should I try to make more friends?

I should spend more time with the friends I already have, shouldn't I?

Wonder if I should stop living in my head and start living in the real world?

I shouldn't stop, should I?

Would anybody notice if I suddenly... (fill in the blank)?

Should I be medicated?

Should I become some type of 'aholic (pick your poison)?

Am I nuts? (And if I am, do I really want not to be?)

OK - enough of the philosophical ranting. It's not that bad, really. Just in one of those moods today. Perhaps it's the music I'm listening to...the soundtrack to the movie "Once." It's beautiful, but dang, it can bring a person down! OK, time for some Justin Bieber!
Later, folks...

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