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Monday, April 22, 2013


I finally see leaves budding on the trees. It seems late for the season considering spring started a month ago. But I'll take what I can get. I am a heat-seeker--I need the sun (well, I am a Sagittarius after all--a fire sign!!!)!
I wish I had something new to report regarding The Dark Prince. Currently it's in the hands of Amazon, going through the publication process. I will be receiving my physical copy sometime in the next two weeks. I've already seen the electronic version and, unfortunately, I found some issues with it that need fixing--these things happen!
The Gypsy Thief has been getting some blog exposure lately which is great. I want to get the word out about it everywhere, especially in light of The Dark Prince's imminent birth. Once The Dark Prince is out in the world, I will then turn my attention to The Shadow King. I need to do a couple of small rewrites and then my cover designer and I will search for the boy who will be the prince featured on the cover. He is a blue-eyed blond and, of course, gorgeous!
I really feel like I'm on a roll these days. I've never been happier and I've never felt better. I've recently lost 21 lbs which means only 19 more to go to get to my goal. Then I want to train to run a half-marathon. Running a marathon is something I've had on my bucket list for a while. I only hope it isn't the thing that makes me kick the bucket. Now wouldn't that be ironic????
Tomorrow I'm going on a 10-mile urban hike. It'll be my third one in two weeks. I enjoy the walk very much--I see things I would never see in my car--small details like the Psychic Reader Shop and other unusual businesses along Mayfield Road. My friend, Laura, is coming with me. We'll have three hours of girl talk and trying to ignore the fatigue and aches that set in about mile seven-hahaha!
I shall close here but I can't leave without commenting on my countdown.
It's nearing its end...only three and a half more days until I take a trip to Nashville. My sisters live a couple of hours outside of Nashville and I will be going down to see them for a few days but first the weekend is mine. Or ours I should say. Of course I am excited and anxious. It's one of those moments in a lifetime that I daresay few people get to experience--at least, not quite like this. I can honestly say that not much about my life has been conventional. I've always done things out of order and random always seems to find me. But this time, it's different. Because this time, I'm allowing myself to believe that this is not an act of randomness that has happened to me. This is a divine intervention...a carefully thought-out plan by the Ruler of the Universe. I have been given an extraordinary gift and as much as I would like to share the details with the world (even those of you who know what I'm talking about don't know it all) I must wait a little longer so you all bear with me. Until next time...

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