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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shot Through the Heart

I'm staring out the living room window at the deceptively beautiful day. The sun is shining and the skies are filled with white, fluffy, cumulus clouds. It looks like spring except for the bare trees. is belowing freezing out there--30 degrees more or less. I do think I can finally see the hint of growth on the tree limbs though, so soon we'll have warmth and leaves. I'm hoping for warmer weather this weekend so I can go on an urban hike--my Ingleside Road to Golden Gate Plaza 10-mile hike. I'm itching to put on my hiking boots and take them on a long haul. It's urban alright--sidewalks all the way through Shaker Heights, University Heights, South Euclid, Lyndhurst and Mayfield Heights. I've walked this route before and I quite enjoy it. At the destination there is a Half-Price Books store waiting for me to peruse the shelves, looking for treasures--my reward for walking 10 miles to get there (like I need another book, right??? I DO, I DO). In case you're wondering if I plan to walk the 10 miles home making it a 20-miler...nope. I think 10 will suffice. I'll call someone for a pick-up.
In my Gypsy life, I don't have any real updates. Regarding the script for The Gypsy Thief, I have opted to write a treatment instead, per my instructor's advice. He said a novelist adapting her own book to screenplay is like a lawyer representing himself in court or a doctor treating himself for an illness--apparently it isn't a good idea. That's not to say I won't do it anyway, but for now, I am preparing a treatment for The Gypsy Thief to be submitted to producers. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. The Dark Prince is scheduled for release in May. In the next week or two I will see it for the first time in actual book form. I know I will feel exactly the same way I felt when I held Gypsy for the first time--like I'm holding my newborn baby--oh, what a feeling. And then this summer I will experience it all again when The Shadow King is born. My babies are growing up! LOL!
In my other life--my real life--I have never been happier. I'm on a lucky streak, no doubt, and I just want it to continue forever. It's very hard to keep your feet planted on terra firma when your head's in the clouds. I'm in a continual state of giddiness these days and I'm wondering if I've contracted a killer case of Adult ADHD. I sure as heck hope so! As much as I'd like to elaborate on this subject, I must wait a bit, but for sure when the time comes I will be more forthcoming with information. I've often found it incredibly ironic that I am a romance writer whose only connection to romance is what I dream up and write in my books (and also read in the books written by others), not to mention the romance I see in movies and on TV shows. Imagine! A romance writer who's not in love! The horrors. A pilot without a plane--sad! A gourmet chef with no Sashimi knife--say it isn't so! A limo without a chauffeur! forgeddaboutit! A puppy without a tail--now that's just messed up! But evereything's different now. For those of you not in love at the moment, who maybe have forgotten what it feels like and looks like to be in love...hang in there...and call me...we'll do lunch and you can see it firsthand...cuz I'm Exhibit A. I'll stop here before I make you ill. Until next time...

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