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Thursday, March 21, 2013

health (s)care

I dodged a bullet today! I had a little health scare but, thankfully, all is well. I had my annual mammogram on Tuesday and received a message that something suspicious was noted on the right side. So...I called and was given an appointment for this morning at the Cleveland Clinic. I went in and had further testing done and the doctor recommended a biopsy to be performed the same day (of course, that didn't sound promising). So I went in for the procedure where more x-rays were taken. I was on the table in the ready position for the biopsy (and shaking a wee bit from nerves because I have a serious fear of needles) when the doctor determined that what we were all seeing in the films was calcification near the skin and nothing at all to worry about. needles for Kellie today! YAY! I just have to go back in six months for a follow-up. Needless to say, I am a happy chick today. Of course, I had a few hours of worst-case scenarios running through my over-active imagination. I like to believe I am a very positive, optimistic, glass half-full person, but I do have my little fatalistic streak.I'm the one who, upon experiencing turbulence in-flight, thinks to herself--DUMMY!YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A FASCINATION WITH AIRPLANE CRASHES SO WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK'S GONNA HAPPEN ON THIS TURBULENT FLIGHT? ARE YOU TEMPTING FATE? ARE YOU TOYING WITH THE UNIVERSE? ARE YOU NUTS? YOU COULDN'T DRIVE?
Sorry, I probably didn't need to yell that. I don't visibly react to turbulence on a flight but, once I did take my son's hand and say good-bye when we hit a particularly rough patch from Seattle to Cleveland. He just looked at me like I was crazy. When the turbulence was over and all was well, I had the presence of mind to say hello to him. That confirmed my craziness.
So listen up, ladies! It's all about early detection! Schedule a mammogram today if your're older than 40 and/or have a family history. Your loved ones will thank and you'll certainly thank yourself. I know I did!

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