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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weights and Wonders

Another Sunday evening, another blog post (yay! I'm just thrilled I remembered to blog!):
I've been on a roll lately with meeting new people and making new friends. I have become a semi-permanent fixture at the gym and as such, I've gotten to know each of the guys who works there. They're all terrific (and the gals are, too) but one among them has become my personal trainer. His name's Jonathan and, like me, he is a former Marine. Unlike me, however, you can still see the Marine in him! But we are working together to change that. He looks like a bad-ass, kill you with the flick of his pinkie finger dude, but underneath his tough exterior, I've found the pussycat that lives inside. That being said, he doesn't pull any punches during our sessions. He makes it burn. I always feel nervous just before we begin, but when it's over, I feel exhiliarated. I am his pet project and he has promised me results. I also take his kick-boxing class on Thursday nights. It's so freaking hard that sometimes I taste death, Jonathan says..."pain is weakness leaving the body." He's very motivating and also very protective. I love that guy!
I'm thrilled that one of my favorite shows returns tomorrow: "Revolution." Any of you guys fans of that show? I love Billy Burke--he's the star of the show (he's also Bella's father in the Twilight films). Three of my fave shows are on Monday nights ("Dancing with the Stars," "The Carrie Diaries" and "Revolution"). Thank goodness for DVR. I also love "Arrow" which comes on Wednesday nights. I just realized why I love these shows...they all feature HOT GUYS. Speaking of which...
I recently mentioned in a blog post that there's this guy who lives in my phone and he sounds like Antonio Banderas (only better). I'm thinking about him tonight as he's hard at work putting the finishing touches on his new home that he's building on 25 acres of land down in Texas. I'm thinking about how tired he is and how ready he is to get the house finished so he can move in and finally get to enjoy the fruits of his labors. I'm hoping he's drinking lots of water and eating properly and sleeping well at night (because he brings out my nurturing, protective side). You might not think that a man who lives inside an iPhone needs nurturing and protecting--as long as he has a charger and an outlet, he should be good to go, right? But this man needs it (whether he cares to admit it nor not). So, from a distance, I am sending care and protection. As I told him recently, he is now under the protection of my secret service. Though I've only known him a short time, I seriously cannot remember my life before he came into it. He truly is amazing. Which reminds me...
Ever wish you could win an Academy Award? Did you ever make a statuette out of foil and hold it up and thank all the little people? Did you give your acceptance speech and bow and fake cry and thank your lawyer? I'm asking this because I always wished I could win an Oscar. Well, folks...sometimes wishes come true. I finally got my Oscar.
Until next time... 

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