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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where's Kellie?

One of the attributes of being a good blogger is consistency. Oops! I need to be consistent! Well, hahahahahahaha...there is one thing I am very consistent about and that is I don't follow protocol. I have been reflecting on my life (not fun!) and I have noticed a theme and that is that I do things out of order (actually this isn't new for me--I've always been conscious of the fact that I live bassackward). For example:
* I get married and THEN get to know the man I married (twice now!).
* I had the kid (the first time) and THEN got married.
* I went to college first and THEN enlisted.
* I get a job and THEN figure out how to do it.
* I got engaged (the second time) with a wedding ring and married with an engagement ring (OK--that was him, not me, but still).
* I read the endings of books and THEN I read the book (always).
* I tend to make purchases as soon as I know I don't have the money for it; likewise, I tend to give generously to charity or to people in need as soon I know I'm about to not have any money for myself. It's a compulsion.
* I read my horoscope at the END of the day to see if the day went as predicted rather than in the morning so I don't spend all day hoping (or not as the case my be) it comes true.
* If I decide to drink wine for real, I drink it fast to get the buzz immediately so I can get it over with and relax while I "drink wine."
* I often write down thoughts and dreams before I have them because I know they're coming.
This is just a tip of the iceberg for me. I even sometimes know in advance that I'm going to spill my drink or slop food on myself so I prepare for it in advance. OK, now I'm getting into clairvoyance. hahahahahahaha...well, I have often said that I know things I don't even know I know. I now sleep upside down in my bed and my sleep is getting more restful. And yes, I realize I've twisted my original topic, but this is what I do. I have complete conversations with myself all the time. I am my own best friend (not always in a good way). I do have a rich interior life. I also have an identity complex. I have no idea who I am:
Danna Kellie Bellamy?
Kellie Tayer?
Kellie Bellamy Tayer?
Danna Kellie Hernandez?
Kellie Hernandez?
Kellie Zeta Jones?
Who am I?
I have no idea who I am. I used to know, but now? No clue. So, I need to figure that out. And for those of you reading this...don't worry. I'm not a danger to myself...hahahahahahahahaha...well, not purposely anyway. But if I go on a plane ride make sure I take a parachute in case I get up there and decide to jump out and figure out how to land safely on my way down. I can't think that fast. Until next time!
or it DKB? or KT? or DKH? or KZJ? or *&*&*(&*(^*(&)(**(^%^%$$#$%$*&&)_

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