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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunny Days Ahead

Another Monday, another blog post. Have you noticed I'm trying to be a better blogger? I'm listening to The Black Keys sing "Gold on the Ceiling" while the homicidal cat wreaks havoc throughout the house. I have a tiny statue of Buddha on my writing table and for some reason known only to Tweaker, Buddha is not allowed on the table. I keep finding him on the floor, in my trash can and just now I found him in my magazine rack. Why doesn't Tweak like Buddha? Does he know something I don't? There are many things on my table Tweak could knock off but he singles out the Buddha. WEIRD!
I stayed up to watch the Oscars (HAHAHAHAHAHA OSCARS! funny how that name has a different meaning to me now) all the way to the end. I was not impressed. Ellen was off her game. I miss the song and dance openings like Billy Crystal did and the way Whoopi spoofed all the nominated films. I still love Ellen time she hosts (if she does it again), I want it funnier, musicaler (hahahah i just made up a word!) and faster-paced. As for the fashion...ah...Sandra Bullock. I am in love with her. She can do no wrong in my eyes! And I love Jennifer Lawrence. I thought Camila Alves (Hey, Savannah Guthrie: you butchered her name this morning on the Today Show) was classy and I loooove her husband. Yay Matthew! So happy for Jared Leto. I had no idea he was from Bossier City, Louisiana. It's right next to Shreveport and last year I had an occasion to go to a Romance Writers of America meeting there. Yay Jared! The two stand-out moments for me last night were the speeches given by the winners of the Supporting and Lead Actor and Actress categories (Jared and Lupita, Cate and Matthew--I count those as one) and the other had to be John Travolta killing Idina Menzel's name. And she managed to keep it together to get through her song. Way to go Adele Dazim!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
So, I don't know if I mentioned that I finished my memoir about my time with Oscar (I think I did). It's lengthy (around 350 pages give or take) and I asked several people to read it and give me their feedback. So, first of all, thank you to all the women and one man who read it and messaged me your thoughts. I was surprised to learn that so many of you had similar experiences and didn't know there was a technical term for this mind game. Gaslighting is a serious and scary phenomenon. It's so easy to be a victim of it, especially if you're in a vulnerable state of mind at the time it happens, as I was. I'm doing well now but I do have flashbacks and probably a slight case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but I know this will fade with the passage of time. I never would have imagined that something like it would happen to me, but then again, as a friend of mine once said, I do lead a random life, so I guess it makes sense! The official title of my memoir is:
"This is Not a Fairy Tale: How I found Prince Charming Playing Words With Friends and Almost Lost My Mind." I'll keep you posted as to my progress with getting it out into the world as a book.
I shall close here and get myself ready for the day. By the way, did you know that next weekend is Daylight Savings Time already? Wow! Come on spring!
Until next time,

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