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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Had a good weekend...drove my car in the parade with a WWII fighter pilot as my passenger and his lady in the backseat. It's always nice to participate in the parade even though I always fear accidentally stepping on the gas instead of the brake and mowing down the flag guard who leads the parade. But no casualties! Later, when the parade ended, we gave a ride to another veteran back to his car. A cool dude--probably in his 70s...getting close to 80--who mentioned he learned to fly after he left the military. And in a priceless moment, he turned to Thomas and said, "If your parents give permission, I'll take you up in my plane." The look on Tom's face was awesome--pure fear. Not that he's afraid of flying, but the thought of going up alone with an elderly veteran was enough to give him a heart attack. Whe he gets home today from school, I'm going to tell him I gave permission and he and Ray will be heading up on their flight this weekend. He will freak...but then again...he kinda knows me...I spazzed when his dad told me he was taking jet skiing. But it's nice to play head games with your kids from time to time.
After the parade we had a cook-out with new friends. what a great time...telling stories, eating too much and sweating in the heat. I personally love the heat but no one else likes it. I always say, hot might be uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt. Cold just plain hurts! So looking forward to summer.
I had a lovely vacation planned but due to a problem with the state of Ohio (godforsaken state) I cancelled my plans in case I have to pay a big sum to Ohio. So, I will take a couple of weekend trips this summer with my traveling buddy, Thomas, who wants to get his temporary license--oh, dear lord. And now, I shall dash and continue on with The Shadow King, which is underway. I do love living in fantasyland--I highly recommend it to all!

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