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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So after the holidays the new year began--same as any other--except I noticed I was much happier. And my nails and hair started growing like crazy (imagine that -- one quits toxic job, one starts healing from unknown ailments). And I started having dreams about a gypsy. He was a teenager, Portuguese, and his name was Miguel. He was the first character to come to life in my head and he was soon followed by a British prince named Andrew. Eventually I found Laura Calder (the girl they both love--I stole her name from the Canadian gal who hosts "French Food at Home" on The Cooking Channel). I almost set the story in Michigan (because it's close and if I needed to do any 'research' I could road trip up there) but I changed my mind and chose Rhode Island. There's a large Portuguese community there and a lot of foreigners attend school there and have vacation homes there so it made more sense. And I knew eventually it would give me an excuse to visit my dear friend Dana who lives there. I began writing on January 11 and about seven weeks 127,000 words, I just had to stop. But the story wasn't finished so I figured I was getting a two-fer. I took a little break to send out 75 queries to publishing houses and literary agents and while I waited for the rejections to pour in, book two, "The Dark Prince," poured out. And around the third week of April I had to quit because I was closing in on 115,000 words--and still the story wasn't finished. So now I have a trilogy on my hands.
I haven't started book three, "The Shadow King," yet, except for a poor attempt at writing the prologue but I will soon--as soon as "The Gyspy Thief" is on its way to publication. I had a publishing house tell me in two emails they loved it but for some reason they didn't commit to it, so I will have to resort to Plan B which is self-publishing. Self-publishing used to be considered literary prostitution but nowadays it has gained respect and legitimacy. The book "On the Island" is living proof of this. Travey Garvis Graves' beautiful book made the New York Times Bestseller List and the movie rights were just sold to MGM. GO, TRACEY!
I shelled out a large chunk of dough to pay for professional editing services for "The Gypsy Thief" and I am now awaiting its completion from my editor, David. I want my book to have the best possible start in life, so I'm giving it my all in order to bring it into the world in the best shape it can be.
When the times comes, I'm going to be asking for the support of friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, former co-workers, enemies and strangers to help make "The Gypsy Thief" a success so I don't have to get a real job (because I function so much better in fantasyland than reality). I hope I can count on you all!!!

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