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Thursday, May 10, 2012


OK, so I mentioned earlier that I had been to see Madam Jessica in Georgetown back in December. I want to mention a few other things she told me that were of great significance...
She said that I would be signing a legal document with a lawyer...Naturally, upon hearing those words I was dismayed but Madam Jessica told me not to worry...that it will be a good thing...(I know what I hope it is but I don't want to jinx myself).
She told me she saw three places in my future: New York, Chicago and/or California. I had just been to New York a couple of weeks before seeing her and I plan to go to California next month to visit Jordan (oldest child) but not sure of the Chicago reference...hmmm...
She asked me if I had recently either quit a job or started a new one and I told her I had quit my job the week before. Her response? "Good. Because that job was not the place for are meant to be writing." Needless to say, that blew my mind.
She told me I  have a dark aura in my life that I need to be free of so I can let in the light that awaits...hmmm.
She also told me that I have three children (right on the money, lady) and that two of the children are fine and on the right path in life but one is in a state of flux (I'm guessing that's my youngest because he's still a child, technically, and the other two are adults. Jordan is in film school in CA and Kayla is about to start nursing school. Tom is a freshman in high school and dealing with peer pressure and growing pains).
So, all in all, she made me a believer. And then in February I went on that trip to Rhode Island and I saw another psychic in Newport. I think her name was Madam Maria. I figured I would get a second opinion, so to speak. The first question she asked me was this, "Did you just finish writing something?" Whoa! Yes, I did, as a matter of fact. I had just completed "The Gypsy Thief." That freaked me out. She also asked if something had changed recently about my employment (just like Madam Jessica). I told her I had quit my job and she said, "Good. You should have never been in that job in the first place--it was bad for you and it was crushing your creativity. Do not get a new job or your creativity will go away again." I have listened to her on this and I have not looked for a real job (I'm hoping and wishing I won't need one).
She also told me she saw me moving away somewhere new in the future but that I was not to change residences before two years had passed. Not sure why but I suppose I should listen. Psychics know best!
She saw me sometime in the future teaching...interesting...because I have always wanted to become a certified TEFL instructor (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). The other thing she said of significance was that I would meet my soulmate soon. Riiiiight--she did not, thankfully, mention the letter M or any letter for that matter. Time will tell on that one but I will not  hold my breath.
I'm wondering if I need a third opinion? There's a psychic out in Chagrin Falls and if she's worth her salt, she should see me coming!

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