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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Juices are Flowing

I'm happy to report, and hopefully not jinxing myself in the process, that my creative juices are flowing. I have already written the first three chapters of "The Shadow King" and it feels awesome. There's something about living in fantasyland that appeals to me. But three books in, I can honestly say that it doesn't really feel like a fantasy anymore. Have you ever had a chat with a friend that involved celebrity gossip and acknowledged that you were talking about the celebrities as if you knew them personally? I do it all the time. My main characters, Miguel, Laura and Andrew? I now think of them in real terms. I wonder if Stephenie Meyer felt that way about Edward, Bella and Jacob? And how about Suzanne Collins with Gale, Katniss and Peeta? (J.K Rowling and Harry Potter and his pals, too--I can't remember their names....Hermione? and that red-headed boy...Ron?). Anyway, I've invested five months with these characters and now they are like real people to me. And right when I think I know them inside and out, they do something unexpected and take the story to places I hadn't planned to go. But I love where they take me. Sometimes they put me in a bind and I wonder how I'll write my way out of it, but I let them dictate the journey and I just drive the bus where they tell me to go. I'd like to think that since I'm the one in the driver's seat then I must have all the control. But that is definitely not the case. Three books in, my gypsy, my prince and my girl are in charge. I just do what I'm told. So...I can't wait till they are out in the world...I can't wait for you to meet them. And in case you all think I've lost my marbles and have gone off the rails...well, maybe I have...but in a good way. And now, I must get back to "The Shadow King." He's waiting for me...Laters, baby!!!

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