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Friday, May 11, 2012

Waiting for a Gypsy

Just a short post today. I'm feeling out of sorts as I await the completion of the editing of  "The Gyspsy Thief." I have to assume that it's taking a long time because my editor, David, is doing a thorough job. He supposedly read the whole thing through (127,000 words, which is like 450 pages, give or take) before taking on the task. He said it was interesting and well-written and kept his attention, so that's a good thing. He sent me his version of page one so I could assess his skills. I was totally impressed with his skills so I hired First Editing on the spot, even though I could've had it edited at a lower cost by a freelancer.And now I wait...and wait...and wait. The estimated time of completion is May 15. When I get it back, I will reread it and if everything looks good, I will begin the publication process with Amazon. Once I get that underway I will design the cover (I already know how I want the cover to look--I've seen it in my head a million times since January--I also have seen the movie version in my head a million times, but I'm getting ahead of myself!). I wish I could concentrate on writing and not have to worry about this part of it, but this is the indie version of publishing--like making independent films and CD's--so I have to suck up and deal...I will keep you posted!

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