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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Believe in Karma

Not a happy day in the land of random citrus. If I had read my horoscope first thing this morning, I would have known what a sucky day it was destined to be. I insulted the state of Ohio on Facebook this morning...but I didn't do my insult justice--I was too nice. Ohio sucks and should be deleted from the union. Long story short, I left my job in December (toxic work environment and poor management being the main factors) and I applied for unemployment (not sure if I qualified for it or not). Ohio turned me down. OK, no problem--that was the answer I expected. I didn't complain or try to fight their ruling. Then, a couple of days later, they changed their mind and decided I did qualify and let me collect unemployment for two months. and THEN...they changed their mind AGAIN and decided I didn't qualify for it after all and, oh, they want the money back (about $2200 plus change). So I appealed...and lost...I appealed again...and lost. The toxic place I worked didn't even have the decency to show up for the hearing...and still I lost? How is it possible that the bad guys win? I am the good guy here...the proverbial innocent victim...yet I have to pay. So now I have to see my attorney about this and hope he won't charge more than the state says I have to pay back. It's things like this that blatantly illustrate what is wrong with our government. There is a special place in hell for evil people (the a**hole at my previous place of employment who caused all this in the first place) and I hope karma is quick and I hope I get to hear about it. I do believe in karma...I do believe in karma...I do believe in karma...

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