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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seasons' Greetings!

Hi! I missed a couple of days of blogging because I was deeply ensconced in the world of "The Gypsy Thief." I finally got the edited copy from David (the mystery editor man who lives overseas) and I had to implement all of his suggested changes. It took many hours of reading, accepting or rejecting his suggestions and I was quite wiped out (mentally) when I finished. Then, after all the changes had been implemented, I had to kick back and reread the entire book and try to pretend that I was not the author and that I was seeing it for the first time. Not easy to do although I have to admit, my heart raced and my stomach churned a few times when I read the action scenes. I took that as a good sign. As soon as I finished my final read-through, I sent my baby off to the Big People. The BP's are a little daunting--they scare me. Now I have to wait and wait and wait...
On another note, today is a gorgeous day. It actually feels like summer is coming. Summer is my favorite season--it always seems full of possibilities unlike winter which seems like the END! Have you ever noticed that we can use the words summer and winter as verbs (The Kennedys summered in Massachusetts and wintered in Florida) but you can't do the same with fall and spring? You can fall down and spring back up (both are action verbs) but no one springs in Ohio or falls in Vermont. I mean, maybe they do, but they wouldn't say it that way. Just a weird, random thought I had about the four seasons. I love language and the way words change meaning depending on their context. If I had it to do over again, maybe I'd be a linguist.
Before I forget, I was concerned that no one was reading my blog because I had no comments, but I've sinced learned that people are leaving comments but for some reason, I can't see them. There must be some technical problem. I'm thinking if you type the address of my blog on your address line and hit enter, maybe that will help, rather than clicking on the link that appears on my Facebook entry. Not sure but thanks to all of you who have left comments. I wish I could read them!

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